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semis at nationals


In December I played my last tournament of 2020 at the nationals in The Netherlands. It was a very good week for me as I made it to the last four. In the first round I got a 6-1 6-4 win over the National Champion of 2019 Quirine Lemoine. In the quarters I played another good match that I won in three sets. The semifinal was a great battle against Richel Hogenkamp (outdoor National Champion 2020). After a long and good match I lost with a score of 4-6 6-4 5-7. In the end it was a very good tournament ending as the number 3/4 of the Netherlands. 

first pro singles final

The last few months I have played tournaments at many different places. I was very happy to compete again after a pretty long 'break'. 


In November I got a very good result in Lousada (Portugal) making it to the semifinals after starting in de qualies. On my way to the finals I got some great wins over top 400 players. Unfortunately I lost in the semis after a good match (2-6 6-7) to the later tournament winner. Despite the loss I'm very happy with my performances this week!


After the tournament in Lousada I went to Tallinn (Estonia) to play another 15K. I had some very long battles in the beginning of the tournament but I started playing better and better. In the quaterfinals I had my best result so far by beating Eikeri (WTA257) 6-4 6-3. In the semifinals I got another great win over Makarova (WTA539) 6-2 6-1. In the finals I lost to Kamilla Bartone (JR7) 3-6 4-6. Not the way I wanted this week to end but still very happy to have made my first pro singles final!


how to stay fit at home-vlog

Hi guys, hope you're all doing well and staying healthy. I made a video of how my life looks like at the moment since I am at home. You can check it out in the video on the right.


Please let me know in the comments what you are doing to stay fit at home. 😃

Thank you and stay tuned for the next one. 

Corona update

Hi guys,


In this crazy and difficult time I thought I would give you an update what my life looks like at the moment.


Unfortunately, all my matches got cancelled until June 8th and we are forced to stay home and practice social distancing. As you can understand it’s very different to the life I’m used to but the most importantly we stay healthy. And we beat the virus together. I’m trying to stay very positive and get the most out of this time. Luckily, I got the opportunity keep practicing and stay in shape. If you want to see how I stay fit at home and what you could do to stay fit please check out my Youtube Channel. 


Stay safe!


Tournament updates

In the first three months of 2020 I’ve been playing tournaments in thee different countries. For the first trip of the year I went to Cancun (MEX) to play two 15K tournaments. I didn’t come home empty-handed because I won another doubles titles with Eva Vedder. In singles, I played good matches but unfortunately I lost. Overall I’m happy that I got to learn a lot during this trip. 


After two weeks of practice at the National Training Centre I went to Monastir (TUN) to play a 15K tournament. I had a good week there. I qualified for the main draw by winning two rounds in the qualification. Unfortunately, I lost in the first round after a really good three set match to the later winner of the tournament. 


After the week in Monastir I went home and left to Sunderland, 25K (ENG) for the next tournament. Eva and I went by boat which was a new experience for me. If you’re wondering what it was like, check out my Youtube channel. I started this tournament by playing qualifications and I won two rounds. Unfortunately, I lost in the main draw. Even tough, the tournament ended earlier than I wanted I’m happy to have learned a lot and gained new experiences. It makes me really excited to work even harder to achieve my goals! 

First vlog online ✅

Hi guys, if you've been curious how my real life looks like. You can check it out in my first Youtube vlog right now. 😃


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Thank you and stay tuned for the next one. 

Tournament updates

The last few months have been very busy and I played many tournaments. First I played two weeks in Antalya where I got another doubles title together with Eva. 🏆 


The second week we reached the final but unfortunately we couldn't get the win.

In singles I lost both weeks in the first round but I played very good matches and I was happy with my game. 🎾 


After I finished in Antalya I flew to Istanbul where I played a $25.000 tournament. I won two rounds in the qualification but unfortunately I lost the first round of main draw against the fourth seed. In doubles I teamed up with a girl from France but we lost in the first round in a super tie-break. Tough match!


The week after Istanbul I went to Luxemburg to play another $25.000 tournament. I won two rounds in qualifications again but lost in the first round of main draw. In doubles I played with Richel Hogenkamp and we lost in the quarter finals.


After this tournament I did two weeks of practice in Amstelveen.


For the last trip of the year I went to Antalya for three weeks. In these three weeks I made it to the quarter finals twice and in doubles I made one semi-finals. It has been a very good trip! 


Last week I played a $25.000 in Santa Margherita di Pula (Italy). Unfortunately, I lost my singles match. In doubles, me and my partner Eva Vedder made it to the finals. In the first round we beat the number one seed by playing a really good match. The following matches we continued to play on a high level. In the finals we played a strong team and unfortunately we lost. However, I’m really happy that we reached our first $25.000 doubles finals! 

Quarter Finals $25.000 Koksijde

Right after I finished my tournament in Tabarka I took a flight to the next tournament ($25.000) in Koksijde (Belgium). On Monday, I won both my matches in the qualification which gave me a spot into the main draw. The first round I played Victoria Kalaitzis (WTA895). This was a long match but I pulled it off. In the second round I played the second seed, Kimberley Zimmermann (WTA259). I played really really well and I won 6-3 6-2. The next day I played another very good match but unfortunately I couldn’t get the win. I lost in three sets to former WTA46 Oceane Dodin. Despite the loss I’m very happy with my performance this week! Unto the next quarter finals.


In July I played two $15.000 futures back to back in Tabarka, Tunesia. In the first week I lost in the second round of the main draw in singles but in doubles me and my partner Eva played really well and we won the tournament. In the second week I stepped it up in singles and I made it to the quarters. In doubles me and Eva teamed up again and we won the tournament in this week as well. It's been a good two weeks were I learned a lot again and I am excited to keep growing and playing.  


Last week I played the first out of four future tournaments in The Netherlands. This one was held in Alkmaar. I got a wildcard into the main draw and I won my first round of singles on Wednesday. Unfortunately, in the second round I lost to the later champion. In doubles I played with Eva Vedder again and we made it to the finals by beating some of the top seeds. On Saturday we played the finals vs. the first seeds and after a long match we lost 8-10 in the third set. It was a good week ending as runner-ups!

second place doubles future tabarka

The last week of April I went to Tabarka (Tunisia) to play two ITF $15.000 tournaments. The first week I lost in the first round against the number two seed. This was a tough match but it helped me determine what I can do to improve myself. In doubles, I played with Eva Vedder and we reached the quarterfinals. The second week I won my first round of singles easily. The next round I played a very good and long match against the fourth seed. I played really well but unfortunately I lost in three sets. In doubles, I teamed up with Eva again and we made it to the finals. After a long battle we lost and finished the tournament as runner ups but I am really happy with the come-back we made this week. Hard work pays off!!


Futures Tunisia

A couple weeks ago I went to play two tournaments in Tunisia. I was happy to play some matches again and apply what I've worked on in practice. For both tournaments I played qualifications and worked myself up to the main draw. The first week I won the first round in the main draw in three sets but unfortunately I lost the second match. The second week I played the number 2 seed (408WTA) but I lost in 3 sets. This was a very tough match but I played really well and I am happy with the improvements I am making. In doubles I made it to the quarter finals in both tournaments. Now I am home preparing for the next round of tournaments! 😃


Futures antalya

For the first trip of the year I went to Antalya for two ITF 15K’s. The conditions were tough as it was raining and storming a lot these weeks. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish the tournaments and we only got to the second round the second week. Despite that I still got some good wins which I’m happy with! Now it’s time to get back to practice and get ready for the next trip.

NRT** Valkenswaard 🏆

My first tournament of 2019 was in Valkenswaard this was a National Ranking Tournament. Last year I won the tournament so I had to defend my title. In the first round I beat Bente de Bresser

(6-0 6-0) following by winning from Florentine Dekkers (6-2 6-2), Katerina Antoniou (6-3 6-4) and Laura Rijkers (6-2 7-6). In the finals, I played Elysia Pool this was a good match and I won 6-4 6-1. I am happy with the result and with my game.😃


I’m totally ready for the first international trip of the year to Turkey! 🇹🇷

ready for 2019

My first year as a professional tennis player is officially over. It has been a really inspiring year for me with so many lessons learned. I am super grateful I get to do what I love each day and I'm looking forward to the challenges 2019 will bring. Big thanks to those who continue to support me!

Pre-season dubai

To finish this year I got the opportunity to go on a pre-season week with the Dutch Federation to Dubai. I had an awesome time there!! It's been really educational and inspiring to work with so many good players and coaches. I'm happy with the improvements in my game and I'm pumped for the new year!


For the last couple of tournaments of 2018, I went to Antalya for three ITF $15.000 tournaments. I had three good and educational weeks but unfortunately there was a lot of waiting time due to the rain. In all three weeks I started in the qualification but I succeeded to qualify for main draw through two good wins. The first and last week I couldn't did not win in the main draw. The second week I got to the second round by winning from Sadafmoh Tolibova 722WTA (6-3 6-0). Because of this win I acquired another WTA point. Unfortunately, I couldn't get more WTA points but I'm happy with the way I played the past weeks.

Practice makes perfect

In September, I spent a lot of hours on court to practice and to develop my game for the upcoming Futures. On top of that, I played two National tournaments in Germany and I won both of them. I’m very happy with the winning results but even more with the improvements in my game. I realized how important it is to focus on the process and to raise my game to a higher level. In the upcoming tournaments I hope to continue to grow and improve my game.

first future quarter final

I’m super happy to have reached my first Future quarter finals (August 2018, Oldenzaal). During the tournament I defeated top seed, Maia Lumsden 400WTA (6-2 6-3). Unfortunately, it ended sooner then I wanted but it was a great week. I’m very excited for the next tournament!

second place at the national championships

That’s a wrap for my junior career. What a way to finish my junior career as the National Champion indoors and runner up outdoors🥇🥈It’s great to see all the hard work I put in come to fruition. The journey is still long but hard work will always pay off. I want to thank everyone who helped me along this road!


At the future tournament in Alkmaar (June 2018), The Netherlands I got my third WTA point. In the main draw I won the first round (Laura Rijkers 6-1 3-1). I am very happy with this win because this means I finally earned my spot at the WTA list. This summer I will play a lot of futures so more results are about to come! Stay tuned. 

new sponsor: tecnifibre

In 1978, the brand Tecnifibre was born. Thierry Maissant, dedicated lover of the game developed an ambition: to provide all tennis players with an adapted, suitable  product whatever the players’ level.


In 1983, Tecnifibre creates his first string with a brand-new technology: the polyuréthane. 100% of the strings production is Made in France.


After that, Tecnifibre expands into the stringing machine business and becomes the Official Stringer of many ATP Tournaments as well as Roland Garros. 


In 2004, they launched  2 collections for tennis rackets: T-Fight for Baseline players and T-Flash for Aggressive players.


I am super happy to be part of the Tecnifibre team. This gives me the opportunity to bring my tennis to the next level. Thanks a lot for all the new material. I'm looking forward to a great partnership! 

'eredivisie' the netherlands

In June 2018 I got the opportunity to play in the 'Eredivisie' (highest league in The Netherlands). Professional players from all over the world come to play in this league. It was such an awesome experience to play with this great team. I am really thankful for the opportunity I got. Big thanks to my team and my club Leimonias!

new sponsor: quick

In 1905, a legendary sports brand was introduced in Hengelo, the Netherlands. From within the Jansen family residence, the first Quick football shoes were designed and developed. The shoes were a true hit. In the following years Quick would become larger and more and more popular.


After that, they designed and developed broad collections. Sports shoes as well as casual shoes along with sports clothing as well as casual clothing became a part of the Q collection. Therefore, they now established two clear pioneers; Q anywear and Q sportswear. Complete and coordinated, Q suits everybody. They have the right items for every occasion.  


I am super happy to be part of the Quick team from now on! Thank you so much for all the new clothes. I'm looking forward to a great partnership!

national champion u18

I played the National Championships U18 from the 14th till the 18th of March 2018. On my way to the finals I beat Esmee van der Helm (6-0 6-1), Danique Havermans (6-2 6-3) and in the semifinals Gabriella Mujan (6-4 6-1). In the finals I played against the second seeded Dainah Cameron. I played a good match and won 6-4 6-3. I’m super happy with this result but I could not have done it alone. I want to thank my tennis coaches Kalyuzhnaya Olga, Marcel Gabriel, Carl du Mee and Team Tennis Academy Henk van Hulst. My physical coach Bente Heller and my physical therapist Ries Segers. Also, I want to thank all my sponsors who made this possible for me. Thank you so much for all the support and I look forward to continue this journey!

Second wta singles point

On my 18th birthday I travelled to Turkey to play couple $15,000 tournaments. During the first week, I lost after winning 2 matches in the qualification. However, the second week was better as I bounced back and made it to the main draw after winning 3 qualification rounds. Also, I won the first match in the main draw in straight sets 6-3 6-1 against Angelina Kalita from Belarus. Unfortunately, on the next round I lost to the first seed Raluca Georgiana Serban from Romania. Even though I lost, I am happy I acquired my second WTA point!

winner nrt** valkenswaard

January 7th 2018 I won my third National (Women's) Rankinglist tournament. The tournament took place in Valkenswaard. On my way to the finals I beat Min Chae Kim (6-0 6-0), Marleen Habes (7-5 6-2), Hanneke Lodewijks (6-4 6-2) and Dainah Cameron (6-0 6-2). In the finals I played against the first seeded Nina Kruijer. I played a really good match and I won 7-6 0-6 6-4. Had a really good week in Valkenswaard!

2nd place nrt** papendrecht

I played the National (Women's) Rankinglist tournament in Papendrecht from the 27th till the 30th of December. On my way to the finals I beat Esmee van der Helm, Annick Verhaar, Bo Luttikhuis and Noa Liauw a Fong. In the finals I played against Isolde de Jong. Unfortunately I lost with a score of 3-6 3-6. I played a good tournament ending as the runner-up.

National Championships

Last week (11-12-17) I got a chance to make my debut at the National Championships (women) in Rotterdam. Unfortunately, after a really good match I lost in the semi’s from the National Champion with a score of 6-3 4-6 6-7 (6). In the end, it was a very good tournament ending as the number 3/4 of The Netherlands🥉 It was an awesome experience!

winner nrt** wierden

November 26th I won my second National (Women's) Rankinglist tournament in a row. The tournament took place in Wierden. On my way to the finals I beat Esmee Andresen, Zawadi Fulani and Gabriella Mujan. In the finals I played against the fifth seeded Dianah Cameron and I won 6-3 4-6 6-3. Played a good tournament. 

winner nrt** Emmeloord

I played the National (Women's) Rankinglist tournament in Emmeloord from the 24th till the 29th of October. On my way to the finals I beat Amalia Stuger (6-2 6-2), Amber Maalderink (6-0 6-1), Jasmijn Gimbrère (6-4 6-2) and Sophia Grippo (6-3 6-1). In the finals I played against Tess Demin and I won 6-3 6-4. Had a really good week in Emmeloord!

First wta singles point

September 26th 2017 I got my first WTA singles point. I won in the first round of the Future tournament in Shymkent (KAZ) against Laylo Bakhodirova (UZB) 6-4 6-4. Really happy with this result. Hard work pays off!

Doubles champions future rotterdam open

Together with my doubles partner Albina Khabibulina (UZB) I won the future tournament. This tournament took place in August 2017 in Rotterdam. On our way to the finals we beat Morderger (GER)/Morderger (GER) and Dijkman (NED)/Gouvernante (NED). In the finals we played against the first seeded Scholl (USA)/Kerfs (BEL). We played very good and we won 7-6 (3) 7-5. Thank you, Albina, for playing with me!

Second place at the national championships

I played the National Championships U18 from the 9th till the 12th of August 2017. On my way to the finals I beat Michelle de Haan (6-0 6-0), Malou Goes (6-2 6-3) and in the semifinals the number one seeded Noa Liauw a Fong (4-6 6-4 6-4). In the finals I played against Isolde de Jong. Unfortunately, I lost 2-6 6-0 5-7 but had a great week ending as the runner-up at the Dutch Championships. 

dinner with David ferrer

On the 26th of July 2017 I got the chance to meet with David Ferrer and to have dinner with him. He is a professional tennis player and the former number 3 of the world. It was a pleasure to speak with him and to hear about his experiences. Thank you so much for meeting me, David.